About Modarta

About Us

The Swiss state-recognized casting agency in Bern was founded in 1998 by CEO Michèle Bachmann und the two co-founder Claude Blunier and Andres Burkhard. Formerly a talent agency for musicians, singer and artists, Modarta was founded with the aim to create a platform in Bern for all kinds of talented people. Within the following years the agency continuously developed the range of its services.


Today, the casting and placement of talents and actors for commercials and film is the core business of the talent Agency in Bern.


Clients include ad and marketing agencies, photographers, filmmakers, small and big companies, unions, non-government and government organizations.

Modarta Talent Agency is one of the leading casting agencies of Switzerland. Why? Because we truly care!


Michèle Bachmann

Founder & CEO

Andres Burkhard

Founder & Photographer

Claude Blunier

Founder & CFO